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The Kitchen Witch part 2

All magic starts with an intention and the way magic works is that through certain steps you are able to manifest your intention. Try to always prepare and cook foods that you enjoy, as you are preparing food not only is it necessary to cook with intention, it is also necessary to visualise what magical outcome that you are working towards, by doing this you are igniting the energies within the food and within yourself. As you eat your magic food be fully present and make sure you are thinking about that which you wish to conjure, make sure you are visualising your ultimate magic outcome. Intention and visualisation is very important with all magic craft. Imagine the energy of the food not only sustaining you, but with enchantment bringing about the magical changes that you want, be at one with the food you eat and the magic you are creating.

Bread was considered a sacred food by the Egyptians and it was offered to the deities and stocked in tombs along with other foods. Eating was a part of many Pagan religions, rituals using barley were performed in healing ceremonies, barley can also be used for prosperity spells. Corn is used for spiritual rituals and was used as a divination tool in Mexico, corn is also related to the four directions, north, south, east and west. Corn was often placed on altars as a gift to the gods. Oats are prepared and eaten while visualising prosperity, think of prosperity and abundance while preparing a meal of oats and visualise prosperity and abundance while eating oats. Rice is linked with love and good fortune, the Japanese used to eat red rice for good luck, it was also scattered to keep away evil spirits. Rice has been used as a magic potion for centuries. Wheat is a symbol of the goddess energy and is used for prosperity and for protection. Cakes and sweet pies are associated with love and are also used in religious ceremonies throughout the world, the wedding cake is a symbol of love and an important part of a marriage ceremony. Hot cross buns are baked at Easter time and are a representation of the sun’s yang energy that makes things grow, eaten on Easter Friday they are thought to bring good luck.

Pies are a symbol of spirituality, and apple pie is associated with love and peace, blackberry pie with money, blueberry for protection, custard for spirituality, cherry for love, lemon for love, mince for luck and money, peach for happiness and wisdom, pumpkin for healing, rhubarb for protection and love, strawberry for love. When baking these pies visualise the properties that they are imbued with.

Pancakes are thought of as lucky food and they are aligned with money and luck, if you are short of cash make up a batch of pancakes, and while you are preparing and eating them think of prosperity and abundance, imagine your money woes being taken care of, also there is a sense of wellbeing when eating a sweet pancake.

When using food for magic work always have the reason for cooking certain foods, such as cooking for love, cooking for prosperity, for health or for protection. As you handle and prepare the food have a particular goal in mind, when stirring food always stir clockwise with two stirs anti-clockwise as you finish stirring. I like to think of the art of cooking as alchemy, as you begin with basic ingredients which are then turned into something delicious, always visualise your main goal as you are preparing and cooking your magical food.

Before you start cooking decide what magic you wish to conjure, for instance you may wish to have more energy, if this is the case then energy is what you think about whilst preparing your food, if your goal is protection, then this is what you think about when preparing your food. Your intention must always be clear before you begin your kitchen magic, whether it is luck, prosperity, or love you wish to draw to you. When deciding on food for your chosen magic, be sure to choose food with their specific magical properties in mind, then as you are preparing, cooking and eating the food, you are thinking about the particular properties associated with that food. Always take your time when preparing and cooking your magical meal, it is important to approach spellcasting in a relaxed manner and with a sure intention. The ancient Greeks ate beetroot to prolong life and to maintain health and beauty. An old superstition says that if a man and woman eat from the same beet, they will instantly fall in love, eat beetroot while thinking about love and partnership. Another superstition is the placing of cabbage leaves on the forehead on Friday the 13th to keep evil spirits away, in around 800 BC the death penalty was given to those who dared to steal cabbages, it was also thought that the humble cabbage could heal insanity. Cabbage has more power if served by the light of the full moon, the cabbage is also known to draw money to you, while some thought that it would help those who had disturbed sleep patterns.

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