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The Five Elements Part 1

The Elements – In most instances when the elements are mentioned there are four, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, but there is another more elusive element which is difficult to describe or define, it is ether or spirit. Spirit is the fifth element, and the most ethereal of all the elements, it is a mystical and magical force that can neither be categorised nor explained. When spell casting or magic making, you are working with the symbolism and characteristics corresponding to each of the elemental energies.

Earth Element – The Earth element is the one most closely linked with our physical world, and the densest of all the elements. It governs, money, property, business, security, loyalty, responsibility and anything that is connected to the physical body and health, business affairs and finances. It is the feminine element of the Mother Goddess and stands for stability and growth, it is the foundation on which the other elements move. Earth is a receptive energy, helping us to accept responsibility and bringing to our attention limitations in our makeup, Earth’s season is winter, and it’s direction is north. In the natural environment Earth’s place is a cave, the symbol of shelter, the womb, rebirth, and the home of ancient oracles. Other places associated with the Earth element, are forests, valleys and fields. Earth governs the home and the areas of physical needs, such as the bathroom, and dining room, and practical tasks. It is the element of buildings, financial institutions, catering, gardening, farming, business and anything that requires working with the hands. Earth’s energy is grounding.

Earth personalities love to be surrounded by family and are quite tactile, they enjoy the pleasures of the senses and have a healthy libido. An over abundance of the Earth element slows things down and progress is slow, too little of the Earth element causes an inability to dare, take risks or branch out.

The deities Gaia, Pan and the Horned God, are associated with earth, Gaia is the ancient Greek Earth goddess, she was the first deity of the great oracle at Delphi. Pan was a shepherd in Greek mythology, he represents the spirit of untamed nature, he was an ancient god of wild things. The pagan horned god, the lord of the woods, is the consort of the Triple Goddess, he represents sexuality and vitality, and is depicted as half-man, half-animal, he is a hunter and identified with the sacrificed and hunted animal.

Air Element – There is a delicate balance between the four elements which make up the universe, practitioners of magic work with these elemental energies and their particular characteristics. Air governs the realm of the mind and all mental activity, it is the most ethereal of the elements. Air’s direction is east, and it’s season is spring. As it is the element of the wind, Air governs all movement, and is associated with travel, freedom, thought, ideas, intellect, imagination and discovery. Areas governed by Air are meeting rooms, schools, libraries, airports, railway stations and bus terminals. It is connected with mathematics, science and the law. Air’s places are mountain tops, windy plains, clear or cloudy skies, and the Air element presides over the eastern quarter of a room or building.

Air personalities are rational and analytical, they are clear thinkers and don’t rush into things, enjoying mental stimulation, a good debate, and an exchange of ideas. Too much Air makes for a judgemental and critical outlook, with a pedantic attitude towards all things. These personalities can put the damper on creative ideas in their early stages, without any rational. An overabundance of the Air element and a person can live in a fantasy world, given to ideas that have no substance. They can approach something that is untenable and be blind to the pitfalls.

The deities associated with Air are Shu, Thoth, Hermes and Mercury. Shu was the Egyptian god of the Air, who with his consort Tefnut (the goddess of moisture) created the earth and sky. Thoth was the Egyptian moon god, he was god of wisdom and the keeper of secret knowledge, and it was said that his book contained all the wisdom of the world. Hermes was eloquent and inventive, with a lively mind and a quick wit, he was the patron of thieves, merchants and travelers. He was associated with the Greek god Hermes, messenger of the Olympian gods, who could travel as fast as thought.

Fire Element – The Fire element is associated with the sun, the giver of life, it governs passion, intensity, desire, intuition, understanding, imagination, and possibilities. Fire cleanses and purifies it is also creative and destructive, and it can consume everything in it’s path, it is the only one of the four elements that cannot exist without feeding on something else. If offers warmth and cooks food, but can get out of control, it has the power to transform everything it touches.

Fire rules the south and is related to motivation, creativity and passion, it has a fast and forceful power and energy, it is positive and uplifting but can be frightening if it gets out of control. It is the creative spark within us all, it promotes courage and strength, helping us to fight for what we want.

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