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New Years Resolution // New Years Wishing Jar Spell

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

What You Will Need:

· A Jar

· Whole Bay Leaf (to write your wish/goal. Paper is a fine alternative)

· A fireproof container to burn your leaf

· Red Ink (red is to symbolize motivation)

· An orange or red candle to burn to seal the jar (orange for attraction, or red for motivation)

· Varying herbs or crystals to fill your jar.( go check out my Post for New Years Correspondences)

A Realistic New Years Resolution (read below).

When you write your resolution, please keep in mind a few things. First being, always write it as a positive, just as you do when writing a sigil. For example, I will quit smoking as opposed to I won’t smoke. Also, please make your goal realistic. Your goal must be obtainable, something you know in your heart of hearts you will be able to make happen. If you are in need of money your goal may be I will get a job I love…not I will have 1 million dollars in the bank. Maybe someday, but not by the time 2021 rolls around. Many times, people give up on their goals because they set the bar too high.

What You Will Do:

1 – Prepare your jar. Find a nice clean jar that you connect with. I like using mason jars, because I have about 5 billion from all the preserved goods we make. Keep in mind that the bigger it is the more you will need to fill it, though! Once you find your jar, fill it with all of the herbs and stones and other witchy things. You can use flowers, throw in honey to sweeten it up, or even glitter (I know you all love glitter). Make it speak to you.

2 - When your jar is prepared, write your resolution on the bay leaf with your red ink. Remember to make it positive and realistic! When you have it written out, hold it in your hand and meditate. Your resolution is your mantra. Feel it filling you, visualize yourself reaching your goal. You know you can do it! When you feel that time is right, light your bay leaf on fire. Watch it burn, the smoke carrying your wishes to the cosmos, it will become a reality.

3 – When your leaf is finished burning, collect the ashes and sprinkle them in your jar. Tighten your lid and pick your candle. Again, this can be red to motivate, or orange to attract. You could also use a candle that corresponds with your goal. Example: Green for money goals. Pink for love goals. Place your candle on the jar, and light it up. Meditate on your goal some more, try to think about the steps you will take to make it all possible.

4 – When your candle is burned out, you have two options. Burry your jar somewhere on your property, so that you will attract those positive energies into your home. Or, if you are like me and need visual motivation, leave it on your altar or somewhere safe. You can look at it to remind your of your goal and keep you motivated. You can light a new candle on top of it every month to refresh your motivation and commitment. You can give it a shake whenever you feel defeated. Whatever you choose, make sure it works for you.

Or you can also use the one below as well:

Please check out my website and read the Terms and Uses page… Also, subscribe to become a Wicked Subscribe:

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