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Faeries and Elves Pt. 1

These magical creatures have mesmerised humans for centuries and the magical world of fairies and elves offers inspiration to children and adults of all cultures. Magical creatures have been the basis of movies, art and books, giving pleasure to all as tales are passed down from generation to generation. Fairy and elf energy can still be called upon, bringing into your life endless possibilities, opening the doorway between the fairy, elf and human realm.

Fairies are found in the mortal world, at times in people’s homes, near lakes and trees in the forest, mostly fairies reside in the fairy realm. Elves and fairies have supernatural powers, allowing them to move through space and change their shape into any form they choose and while in the fairy realm, elves and fairies are immortal. The fairy realm is also referred to as Avalon, the Land of the Blessed Tir-na-n-Og (country of the young) and the Otherworld. The difference between elves, fairies and humans, is that humans gain meaning within the material and physical world. Elfin and fairy energy is rooted in the Otherworld, over the centuries the worlds have become more separate. Be assured the more fairy energy you allow into your life the more magic there will be.

Created before humans, elves possess supernatural powers, they are nature spirits, usually found in forest settings and woodlands. Fairies were the ancient creatures of Ireland, they evolved into various types of fairies. Different types of fairies behave in different ways, some benevolent, others malevolent. When interacting with fairies it is important to know what kind of fairy you are dealing with. Fairies possess supernatural powers, some use their powers for good others for evil, always tread carefully when interacting with fairies as they expect to be treated with reverence. All fairies reside in the fairy realm, humans visit this realm on occasion, at times by accident, sometimes by invitation and other times by sheer determination and diligence. These nature spirits are all around you, be aware, they repay kindness with kindness and bad behaviour with bad behaviour, where elves and fairies are concerned you get what you give tenfold.

In order to draw fairy energy into your life, find your favorite place to meditate and call upon the Seven fairy Guardians, Star Finder – fairy Watcher of the east, Shining Flame – fairy Watcher of 1144731_fairythe south, Water Maker – fairy Watcher of the west, Black Mother – fairy Watcher of the north, Heaven Shiner, Fire in the Earth and Star Goddess. You can say their names out loud before you begin meditating or you can say them silently in your mind. When you meditate with these beautiful energies, you can’t help but feel uplifted when you connect with the Otherworld. If you want to connect to the fairy world, you will find the portals are at their most accessible on the eves of Beltane, Midsummer and Halloween, this is when you have the greatest opportunity to commune with these magical creatures and walk between the mortal world and the Otherworld. Go outside into the night, be near trees, plants, flowers, look at the Moon and the stars, create a mound of earth and place a spring of thyme on top and seven small crystals, the seven crystals represent the Seven fairy Guardians. Breathe deeply seven times, turn around clockwise seven times, then call the names of the Seven fairy Guardians, hold out both arms with palms facing upwards and wait for the fairy energy to fill you.

There are certain fairy fragrant essences you can use in the form of essential oils, incense and candles. All elves and fairies love amber, which can also be used for psychic enhancement. Basil is for good luck, it heals wounds and promotes love and romance. Metaphysical and spiritual store | T's Wicked Wonders

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