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Book: The Grimoire of the Golden Toad, by Andrew D. Chumbley

This unique grimoire was published in the year 2000, marking the cusp of the old and the new chiliad. It is the first full grimoire-text to treat specifically and from personal account of the Traditional East Anglian ritual called ‘The Waters of the Moon’: the solitary initiation of the so-called ‘Toad-witch’. The textualisation of this magical process was, in this unique instance, undertaken as an extension of the ritual itself – a perfection of its cycle of arcana to a point of individual crystallisation.

Standard edition: 77 numbered copies, hand-bound in silver stamped black faux leather; 60 pages; back cover bearing the Seal of Sabatraxas. Each copy was accompanied by an envelope containing a card signed by the author and dedicated to the Thrice-Great Clan of Qayin Azhaka, also a hand-written page of a sigillic ‘inner grimoire’, and a small envelope containing a hand-painted talisman made from antique toadskin leather and a single blackthorn.

Special edition: 3 copies only, hand-bound in full black calf-skin, silvered endsheets, front cover inset with a toad’s head and toadskin leather panelling on the rear. Each copy was accompanied by a sealed envelope containing card, talisman, toad bone and thorn.

Click on the link to read the book:

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