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13 Essential Magickal Herbs

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

1) SAGE Whether you prefer it in bundle or loose-leaf form, Sage is the most popular herb there is for cleansing and removing negative energy from your space. You can smudge your home or office, participants at a ritual, new possessions whose energy you mistrust – the options are almost limitless. For complete instructions on smudging with Sage, check our other blog entries!

2) ROSEBUDS The most well-known and most popular herb for love spells; it can be mixed into a love incense, added to a love drawing mojo bag, or sprinkled on your altar while burning love drawing candles or doing related spells. Red Rose is used for lust or passion, pink for friendship or other non-romantic love.

3) LAVENDER THE SCENT OF THIS HERB promotes calm, peace and sound sleep. Place a sachet of the flowers inside your pillowcase to help you relax, de-stress and sleep peacefully; replace with a fresh sachet every few weeks. (When the scent fades, or if you forget and wash the pillowcase with the sachet in it, it’s time for more.) Lavender is also said to attract love if used in a mojo bag.

4) FRANKINCENSE This is a wonderful all-purpose resin to have on hand. It is one of the most ancient incenses, suitable as a general offering, or more specifically as an offering to any male, sun, or fire deity. It banishes impure thoughts and attracts positive spiritual vibrations, and so is ideal to burn while praying or meditating. It can also be burned to attract money or success. When people ask about ‘that churchy smell’ they remember from Catholic services, Frankincense is usually the incense they are thinking of.

5) BAY LEAVES Also known as Bay Laurel Leaf. Bay Leaves give protection, bring success and induce visions. They can be added to a mojo bag for drawing money. Bay Leaves, Solomon’s Seal, and Frankincense can be mixed and burned on charcoal to increase wisdom, clarity of thought and insight. Bay Leaves can also be brewed into a tea into which you dissolve Crown of Success bath crystals; this spiritual bath is poured over the head while praying for victory in sports, politics and war.

6) PEPPERMINT Peppermint is a fine ingredient to include in any incense designed to increase prophetic dreams or psychic abilities. It can also be used for banishing, healing, and cleansing; brew into a tea and add to your bathwater or mop bucket to dispel evil or negative energy, or add it to your favorite incense blend when doing spells for these purposes.

7) DRAGON’S BLOOD No, before you ask, this isn’t ‘real dragon’s blood.’ Dragon’s Blood resin comes from several species of palm tree. When cut, the roots and tree “bleed” a deep red resin. The resin is often used as a substitute for human or animal blood when working with antiquated incense or spell recipes. It will also add strength and power to any working. A chunk of the resin can be carried in a mojo bag for luck and protection. It is also used in uncrossing rituals by burning some of it at midnight for seven days. (Make sure to have a window open while burning to give negative spirits an exit.)

8) PATCHOULI Good quality Patchouli (such as ours) smells of rich earth, and so is frequently substituted for Graveyard Dirt in Goofer Dust mixtures. It is most commonly used for love drawing, money drawing or success; it can be added to any related incense or mojo bag. It can be mixed with Sandalwood and Quassia and carried in a green flannel bag anointed with money drawing oil in order to attract money and success.


Sandalwood is one of mankind’s first sacred wood incenses. Sandalwood is another good all purpose herb, used for all manner of workings – from love to curses, healings to bindings, sacred offerings to banishings. Burned alone, Sandalwood cleanses and blesses a place, creates an atmosphere of love, and establishes sanctity. Sandalwood chips can be anointed with oils and added to mojo bags; sandalwood powder makes a fine base when making your own incense blends.

10) RUE Rue grown at your garden gate will protect your home and garden; carry the leaves of the Rue plant or place them about the house for protection from danger. Rue is a beneficial addition to uncrossing workings as well. A bit of Rue added to just about any love attraction incense is beneficial; since Rue is protective in nature, it has a way of bringing you only those who meet your specifications.

11) AGRIMONY Have you ever found a Suspicious Item on your property, one that you suspected might have been left there by an enemy attempting to jinx or curse you? Agrimony is what you need. Just toss some in a paper (or plastic) bag, put the Suspicious Item in, then toss in more Agrimony on top. Close the bag and dispose of it in a trash can that isn’t on your property. The Agrimony will send the curse back to whoever tried to put it on you. Since Agrimony has hooked seeds, it can also be used to attract business, that is, to ‘hook’ customers; brew it into a tea and sprinkle it around your place of business.

12) HIGH JOHN ROOT The legend of High John the Conqueror goes all the way back to Africa; he has become a mythic, all powerful, trickster figure. After freeing himself from slavery, High John is said to have returned to Africa, but left his spirit and power in the High John Root, in order to continue to care for his people. This was the first root used for Hoo Doo in America. It is the most common Hoo Doo root, the one you’re most likely to have heard of. This is powerful magic that continues to be used for success over obstacles, male virility, trickery and getting your own way. This root can be used as a talisman in any positive working: health, wealth, love, courage, or luck.

13) MUGWORT Mugwort is used for a range of purposes, including love, healing, protection, prophecy, and dreams. Mugwort is a common ingredient in dream pillows; an infusion of this herb can also be used to wash one’s crystal ball or scrying mirror. Doing so will increase its power. Burning of the herb, alone or with its sister plant Wormwood, will heighten psychic ability. Carried, Mugwort will protect the bearer from all supernatural threats.

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